I want to be a member

My Covenant

I will protect the unity of Journey Fellowship Church

– by acting in love toward other members

– by refusing to gossip

– by following the spiritual leadership of the church


I will share the responsibility of Journey Fellowship Church

– by praying for its growth

– by inviting the unchurched to attend

– by learning and obeying God's Word


I will serve the ministry of Journey Fellowship Church

– by discovering my gifts and talents

– by developing a servant's heart

– by using my gifts to serve others


I will support the testimony of Journey Fellowship Church

– by attending faithfully

– by living a Godly lifestyle

– by giving tithes and offerings

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Attending Campus
I am in agreement with Journey Fellowship Church's purpose, beliefs, mandates, strategy and structure. As a member, I will believe in and will serve as a joint heir in Christ to fulfill the vision of JFC, The Great Commission of God's Church. *

I have watched First Step and agree, I would like to become a member today.

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