Journey Kids

Journey Kids is for kids K- 6th grade. 

Large Group Time: Your young student will meet great teachers with engaging large group activities like worship and puppets. 

Small Group Time: Your child will have the opportunity to connect with others their age.

Each Sunday kids learn to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships.

What to expect:

  When entering the classroom, the children will have a time to play board games, beanbag toss, etc.  before their experience begins. 

  Our Street Kids Worship Team will lead them through fun hand motions in our during our worship time. 

Following worship they will move on to a fun group icebreaker game.

 Next will be the opportunity for your child to hear a biblical story with creative ways of storytelling to reach their level. We use props and costumes to assist in the storytelling time.

 We finish the experience by breaking into small groups to discuss the Bible story, scripture and truth that were taught.

It is our desire that children have the best experience possible in Journey Kids so that they will look forward to Sunday and learning about God, his love for them and his plan for their lives.