Our Story

The Beginning       

Pastor Doug believes that the kingdom of God is built on relationships so he wanted to plant a church where people could grow in their relationship with God and each other. He believes in reaching this goal by being refreshing, relevant and real.

Journey held its first meeting in Spring of 1996 in a home living room with 17 people. That meeting quickly grew and they began looking for another place to meet. They rented a warehouse and held Journey’s first service Oct 6, 1996.

In the first year and half, the congregation grew over 100 and needed bigger facilities. The children and youth ministries also grew quickly and needed a bigger place.

In Journey's 2nd year, they rented a bigger building across town. The owner of the building was gracious and built to suit the needs giving them plenty of room for children and teens. It was a great God move, but quickly the place was filled and they started adding multiple services each weekend.    

In Journey's 5th year, they were at capacity and began looking for a much larger place. Taking a risk, they went from 10,000 sq. ft. to a 30,000 sq. ft. shopping center.  The task of remodeling was not an easy one, but necessary. They soon created an environment for the church community and they quickly grew to a church of 1300 members by 2005.


In 2005 they were not expecting hurricane Katrina. She met Journey with all her fury and with her visit everything was lost or damaged. The storm left 5 feet of water standing in the building. When the flood waters receded, the found sound equipment, lights, cameras, classrooms, and offices were lost.  Pastor Doug and the staff began the clean up and held onto the dream God had placed in their hearts so many years before.

Journey began immediately to reach other hurting people by placing a relief center in the church parking lot. Convoy of Hope joined with Journey to hand out  water, food, clothing and personal necessities. 

Pastor Doug and the staff held weekend services in the church parking lot with no electricity, no cell service and no way to contact anyone. 70 members showed up, ready for church. We really counted our blessings that day.

Ready to Rebuild

Journey had purchased land one year before Katrina. The plan was to buy this land and begin building a Journey Campus in 5-7 years. Because of Katrina, the project date was moved up. Pastor took a team of believers and prayed about Journey's next big step. Plans to build the new worship center were put into action. They broke ground on the land in 2006, the building was completed, and the doors opened March 16, 2008.


Journey is still constantly growing. It's not just a building and walls. Journey is a place where you and your children can grow up and families can grow together. It is our vision is to see 10,000 people come to the Lord. You can be a part of that with us! 

Journey is a community of people led by Christ to bring help and hope to a hurting world.