A few thoughts on the lies this world tells. Followed by my opinion in parentheses...

Here’s 10 LIES that the world is telling you right now:

1. Humans can control the weather.

    (Why is it all the Global Warming

      crowd flies their private jets to

    meetings about Global


2. There are 57 genders.

      (No. There are 2. xx or xy)

3. Unborn eagles have rights

    unborn humans do not.

    (Babies are more valuable than


4. You need the government’s

    permission to own a gun.

    (They need our permission.)

    (2nd Amendment is my license)

5. Free education. Free healthcare.

                  Free housing.

  (The only thing free in this world is

    the cheese on the mouse trap.)

6. Men can have babies.

        (No they cannot!)

7. If you disagree with me you’re a


  (I love you.I just think your wrong.)

8. The separation of church and


      (Appears NO where in the


9. Hunting and fishing are 


(When the ice bergs melt I hope you know someone who knows how to fish. They’ll still have food.)

10. Fossil fuels are destroying the


(You should drive a pick up truck for a while.) 

Doug McAllister