The Art of Waiting

Liminal Space is a concept in theology and in counseling that describes the space between two phases of life. One phase has ended and the next one hasn't begun and you find yourself waiting. That's liminal space. Waiting may be one of the toughest things that humans do. Waiting. We wait in line for most every event that we participate. There's almost always some level of waiting required. Research says that Americans will collectively wait in line this year for more than 39,000,000,000 (thirty nine billion) hours. It's hard to wrap my mind around a number so large. So let's personalize the amount of waiting a single person will do in a lifetime. You will spend a full 2 years of your lifetime waiting in line. 2 years. If we are going to spend that much time waiting then maybe we should master the skill.

    Someone once likened waiting as being in a hallway. One door has closed and the other door has yet to open so you find yourself waiting. The saying goes like this, "God closes one door and opens another, but sometimes there's hell in the hallway". Have you ever had hell in your hallway? I have too.

    But if you pause in the hallway and get in sync with God's timing then waiting becomes a pleasant experience instead of a torturous one. If I can get in the zone while waiting then everything seems to make sense. Time stops, everything moves in slow motion and I can see the process as it develops. Waiting takes on a life and value all its own. Once you embrace the liminal space then waiting is no longer a delay between two points of action, but it becomes a vital part of life and me and who I am and what I am becoming. Waiting.

Here's 3 things the Bible teaches me about waiting:

I. As I wait, the Lord's PLAN is revealed.

II. As I wait, the Lord develops my character and strengthens my FAITH.

III. As I wait, the Lord brings the PEOPLE in my life that will compel me to my destiny.

Doug McAllister