The persecution of the Church

This is a headline from Fox News dated January 2017:

“Nearly 1 million Christians reportedly martyred for their faith in last decade.”

My thoughts....

The church is under great persecution around the globe and Christ followers are being martyred at the rate of 90,000 plus per year and yet the media and our government is silent.

    But Believers do not cling to victim status or demand special privileges. Instead they continue to worship the Lord Jesus and to serve other people while the enemy plots their death. It’s been like this for 2,000 years and yet the Church continues to flourish and expand.

    On Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Christians were murdered and hundreds more severely injured inside their church by Islamic terrorist. Yet, our political leaders and news media go out of their way to avoid the obvious facts in the bombings. Even some Christians virtue signal about other social causes but remain eerily silent about the persecution of the Church.

So, how should Christians respond? Pray, forgive, serve and continue to preach the Good News. And for now be thankful that we live in a free country with a President who stands on the side of Christians.

Doug McAllister