10 things that I miss about the 1970’s

1. Going to the barber shop with my dad on Saturday morning and listening to all the men sitting there waiting for a haircut and talking about life. 

2. Buying the new Archie comic book and reading it from cover to cover. 

3. Hunting with my dad in the woods behind our house.  

4. Eating in the school lunchroom and going back for seconds. 

5. Cornflakes, milk and sliced bananas for breakfast with my brother Ronnie Bruce. (I miss him everyday). 

6. Riding horses with my cousins in Woodhaven.  

7. Playing pinball at the local pool hall until my quarters ran out. 

8. Tackle football with the Soley boys in the Terrace.  

9. Friday night burgers at Erdey’s with my mom and dad.  

10. Driving my first car on the back roads of Livingston Parish.  

 ...And maybe a thousand things more. It’s unbelievable how fast my life has gone by. It’s true that the older you get the faster time moves. So cherish every moment. Every breath matters and holds a moment in time that you will never get to repeat. 

Doug McAllister