Predictable Success

From the book that the Journey pastors are reading together as we get ready for the All Team Retreat:

What predictable success is NOT:

1. It’s not about size.

2. It’s not about age.

3. It’s not about money or other resources.

4. It’s not a culture.

5. It’s not about the meetings.

6. It’s not about the industry.

“Predictable Success is the apex of the growth curve.” Page 16

My thoughts:

While, in my opinion, the 6 things on the NOT list are important, none are capable of creating a healthy organization. Predictable success is created and maintained by the leaders. Leaders have the authority and responsibility to create a healthy organization.

Back to the book... 

Predictable Success rides on these 5 characteristics that are of the hands of the leaders:

1. Decision making.

2. Goal setting.

3. Alignment. (We call this “Systems” at Journey)

4. Accountability.

5. Ownership.

Doug McAllister