Coca-Cola and the day that I discovered my purpose

On my first foreign missions trip in 1986 I went to Monterey Mexico to serve the local church and the missionary friends of my pastor. I was 24 years old and I was taking my first short term outeach. It would be the first of many trips to come over the next three decades and across 5 continents. It has been such a privilege to serve Jesus and the local church during these trips and I have made so many wonderful friends, and eaten  so many incredible meals and I have been radically changed from the inside out. Those trips and the people in those churches and the faces of the multitudes waiting to hear have burned in my soul a passion for the local church and a deep love affair with Jesus. I went to help others but ironically I was the one who received the most.

    Today my daughter Gabrielle bought me a Coca Cola that was made with Pure Cane sugar like the ones in Mexico. It was in the tall trademark glass bottle and it was ice cold and the moment that I tasted it, it brought me back 30 years. You see the first time that I had one of those Cokes was in Monterey Mexico in 1986 on my first missions trip. A love affair was born that day and every time I taste that distinct flavor it brings me back and reminds me of the day that I discovered my purpose. I intend, if God grants me the grace, to serve Jesus and His church for the rest of my days and to occasionally enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola. Thanks Gabby. 😎

Doug McAllister