The Church was born as a counter-cultural movement, grew to be a global force but will always find her greatest influence outside the systems of this world. While I believe that we should be culturally relevant in things like language, music and community, our greatest place of service remains where the forgotten, undervalued and lost people live. We are a counter cultural movement. This Sunday (April 15)  at Journey our teaching Team is presenting a message on all Campuses about the URGENT work of reaching Millennials and Generation Z. These are the largest generations in our history with over 100 Million people who see life, experience life and live life a lot different that their mothers and fathers. 

The Unique characteristics of these generations: 

1. They are the first post-Christian generation

2. They grew up in non-traditional homes. 20 Million kids in America are fatherless.  

3. They are tech savvy and isolated from real community.  


These characteristics create a defensive shield that is tough to penetrate with the message of hope and the eternal Gospel. But we know God’s Word never returns to Him void. It will accomplish what it was sent to do. The responsibility falls on the church and the family to reach this generation. We CANNOT fail in this task, for the future of this nation and generations yet unborn hang in the balance. Every believer should take up the cause to present Christ to these children and young adults, to model discipleship and care for the unreached. At Journey we are focused on reaching this generation. May the Lord Jesus give us Grace, may the Holy Spirit grant us Power and may the Love of the Father be evident in everything we do.  

We call it GENERATIONS MINISTRY and we are called to serve the generation from Birth - 18 Years Old. This past year we served nearly 1,000 Journey people in that age group. In the next few years we are expanding this ministry, investing in resources and building leaders to serve. If you are hearing the call to serve or your heart burns for the cause, join us.  

Join me on the Generations Team. Sign up on the Journey App and I will get you connected. Open the App, click My Campus then Events. Let’s reach this Generation together.  


Malachi 4:6New International Version (NIV)

6 He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

Doug McAllister