A son and daughter of the House.

We consider the pastors, church planters and missionaries that arise from our Fellowship as sons and daughters of the House. Our own story began as sons and daughters in another house many years ago. Rachel and I both were born again in a church planting movement. Rachel’s Dad and Mom were elders in a new church plant where she was saved and Water Baptized and where she learned to lead worship, and which led to she and I meeting in a high school youth group. I was saved in a church plant that was meeting as a tent revival in 1978. That’s where I was saved, Water Baptized and Filled with the Holy Spirit and called to the ministry. Church Planting is a powerful force on the Earth that God is using for His Gospel. That’s the assignment on my life. Serve the Lord by serving His church. Journey exist to help people follow Jesus and send out men and women to do His work. It’s a simple call. Build the church and equip others to do the same. We have pledged our life to Serve Jesus by serving The Church and the church planters. 

   We are excited that our son and daughter in the faith Pastor Chris and Felicity Buckel are the new Lead Pastors of First Assembly of God in Metairie, LA. This is a wonderful assignment for the Buckel’s and a new day for this historic church. We sensed a decade ago that the Lord had knit our hearts with Chris and Felicity to plant churches together. We had no idea how that would look but today it’s a little clearer. I know the Lord asked me to serve His church in Metairie and now I believe this is what He was calling us too. Its with great joy that we send the Buckel’s to Metairie to raise up a movement for the cause of Christ. We are proud of you Chris and Felicity. Great days are ahead. 

   Rachel and I both met Jesus in a church plant in the 1970’s. That’s why we dedicated our lives to Jesus and the local church. We believe the local church is the only hope of the world. It’s a privilege to give our life to His purpose and the high calling of His work on the Earth, the Church. Most days we don’t feel worthy of the call but every day we count it an honor to serve.  

Congratulations Chris and Felicity. We love you and we are so proud of your ministry.  

All of our lives for the King and the lost. 

Doug McAllister