Journey’s Methods & Philosophy

This journey began in 1996 with a small group of believers setting out on a great adventure that would last for decades. At the time of our conception it did not seem possible that we would survive the first year much less last for a lifetime. I’m pleasantly surprised and deeply grateful every day when I wake up and realize that the vision that was born a generation ago still thrives and prosperous on changed lives. Throughout the last two decades Journey has developed and discovered it’s purpose, it’s mission, it’s core values, it’s culture and it’s methodology. Building church methodology is an incredibly difficult task because so often it gets bogged down in people‘s past experiences and sometimes it’s elevated to sacred status. We labor to live by this principle, “The Message is sacred but the methods are not”. So over the last 20 plus years we have experimented with different methodology and even see ourselves as a living laboratory where we look for new ways to tell the Greatest Story ever told. At this point in our growth as a local church we have found our niche in methodology that supports the Vision of the house. 

   We are a church committed to helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus. It seems to us the best way to do that is to build a local church that looks like this:

   *Journey is a multi-site church. 

   *Journey has multiple Sunday Experiences.  

   *Journey has a Teaching Team that teaches the Word across our campuses each Sunday.  

   *Journey is a community of passionate worshipers that is the core of our Sunday Experiences.

   *Journey is committed to reaching the youngest Generation.

   *Journey is a church of Small Groups. 

   *We are servants of the Lord. 

Doug McAllister