Rethink, Rebrand & Reinvent

  Generations is the Journey ministry team that serves Children and Students from Birth through High School. We have always believed and invested in children’s ministry at Journey and as we enter into a new generation we sense it’s time to make some adjustments to better serve families with children. So I’m excited to announce that:

Over the next 90 days we are going to RETHINK REBRAND & REINVENT the Generations Ministry!


Where we are now.

Here are a couple of stats you may want to know:

In 2017 we have ministered to a total of:

302 Babies and Preschoolers

730 Elementary Kids

126 Journey Students - Junior High and High School

Taking into consideration we have kids that were in two of these ministries during the year, for distinct individuals we have a total of 820 Generations Kids overall. That is a total of 428 families. We take this responsibility very serious and it’s an honor to serve your family and we want to do a better job.

We have THREE Campuses with 5 Sunday Experiences that offers ministry for Nursery,, Preschool and Kindergarten through 12 Years Old  and THREE Journey Students Experiences for Junior High and High School during the week. That’s a lot of ministry bases to cover. So we are going to adjust our large group meetings and Small group settings. We will evaluate the number of leaders we need to serve, our choice of curriculum, room design, worship style and story telling. In short it’s a new day for kids and students at Journey. Also I’m getting personally involved in leading our Generations team. Effective immediately, I’m joining the Generations team as the Elementary Pastor and I’ll be leading the Generations Lead Team for the next 90 Days as we Rethink, Rebrand and Reinvent Generations Minstry at Journey. We are meeting as a Lead Team each Wednesday to plan for the future of ministry for Journey Babies, Preschoolers, Kids and Students. We will be studying what works for us and what doesn’t.

We are all so excited about this new day at Journey!

Rethink. Rebrand. Reinvent.  



Doug McAllister