The World’s Perfect Tomato Sandwich

A few nights ago I woke up at midnight and I was hungry for a snack. Once I was in the kitchen I found that we had all the necessary ingredients for a Tomato Sandwich. So I built one for my midnight snack and it was perfect. As I sat at the bar eating that delicious creation, it occurred to me that I had just made the World’s Best Tomato Sandwich. I felt the need to tell someone so I texted my friend the amazing news. I don’t think he was as impressed as I was. I guess you had to be there to understand or maybe he was already asleep and didn’t appreciate the important moment that I was sharing with him.

I think this may be a food tradition only in the South but I have learned to appreciate a great tomato sandwich. The recipe is very simple but the taste is a party for your tastebuds. Here’s how it works:

My Recipe and ingredients list for the World’s Best Tomato Sandwich!

Two slices of white bread, one tomato cut into 4 thick slices, Blue Plate Mayonaisse and a pinch of salt. Some people toast the bread...(but that’s wrong.) Put a generous layer of Mayo on each slice of bread, cover one piece of bread with the sliced tomato and and a little salt, then put on the top slice of bread. Cut in half in a triangle shape. Enjoy. You know you’ve done it right with you need a napkin to wipe the Mayo from the corner of your mouth. 

Editors note: Blue Plate Mayo is a gift from heaven.  

Doug McAllister