10 Things That I Like About Autumn

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and the start of a new season. Autumn. I like calling it Autumn more than I like to call it Fall, because it sounds fancy. Autumn. It's a fun word to say. (Go ahead say it out loud you know that you want to.) Just feels right?! Yeah, The official beginning of Autumn is on Friday September 22, 2017 at precisely 3:02 PM Central Time. That's the Fall Equinox. (I used Fall because Autumnal sounds snooty.) I know that the seasons are changing because of the stuff that's for sale in the Old Country Store portion of the local Cracker Barrel. There's an LSU table marked down for clearance even though college football season just started. By the way, LSU won last night. Geaux Tigers! Also Cracker Barrel has a huge Halloween display, and various Thanksgiving products but the biggest surprise at least to me was the Christmas Tree that's in the mix already. Really Cracker Barrel? But the times are a changing. Autumn is in the air or at least will be real soon and we are getting ready for some of my favorite things. The list is too long to write it all here but let's start with a few of my favorite things about Autumn:


1. Sitting around a campfire at night telling scary stories.

2. Hot chocolate with whipped cream.

3. Cool night air blowing in the trees. 

4. Early morning fishing trips that start before the sun comes up.

5. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Pumpkin Pie and Jack- O- Lanterns.

6. The season premiere of The Middle.  

7. Eric Church CD on repeat in my truck.  (That's a year round thing but I still like it.)

8. Sitting on the back porch and watching the Sun come up over the Smoky Mountains.  

9. Thanksgiving dinner with the people I love. 

10. Holding Rachel's hand. Still makes my heart beat fast...  (Also year round..)

 Autumn is near... 

Autumn is near... 

Doug McAllister