The Church ignores the critics and stays on her mission.

The local church responds to human suffering each and every day. She is there  for people from all walks of life, of every tribe, of every language and every color. She gives of herself sacrificially, including her time, talents and treasure. She is usually the first one there and the last one to leave. Most of her service will go unnoticed and it will be done outside the shot of the camera. . She will live and serve in places few dare to travel and yet she is fearless! This incredible community of faithful foot soldiers will be jeered, mocked and persecuted by those who judge her from a loft of self righteousness and some that belittle her with their wearisome virtue signaling. But yet she remains steadfast in her assignment and dedicated to her cause. For you see her cause is not her own but it's that of her Savior. The church rises to the occasion as she has for thousands of years in response to a love she knows firsthand. You see, she serves hurting people, for that is the cause of Christ. She shows her love for Jesus by the way she serves the unlovely and those who could never repay her. She believes. She prays. She serves. She gives. That's why her eyes sparkle and great joy fills her soul and so she ignores her critics and stays on mission. The local church is the only hope of the world. 

Doug McAllister