Great Men born in October

   President Rutherford B Hayes was born on October 4, 1822 in Ohio and grew up to become the 19th president of the USA. President Hayes led the country through the end of Reconstruction and was a champion of freedom and civil liberties. He isn’t remembered very much by the modern generation, often coming in on the bottom half of popular presidents. But he was a decent fellow and I say that not just because he and I share the same birthday. Well that may be the MAIN reason I am saying it, but October 4 is a great day to be born!  

    Rutherford was born in 1822 and I was born in 1962. 140 years apart. Why it’s almost like that weird connection between Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. You know which one I’m talking about?

Lincoln was elected in 1860 and Kennedy was elected in 1960.

Lincoln had an assistant named Kennedy while Kennedy had an assistant named Lincoln.  

There are a bunch more examples but you get the picture?! Right?!

Hayes was born in 1822 and McAllister was born in 1962. 

Rutherford B Hayes has three names and I, Douglas D McAllister also have three names. 


There are some more similarities but you get the picture, Right? 

The main thing that we have in common is our birthday. October 4th. I was born in the Town of Amite City on a Thursday night during the Parish Fair. My dad used to joke when I was kid and tell me that he was on the Ferris Wheel at the Fair when I was born. That was back in the day when Father’s were not allowed in the delivery room. I’m glad all that changed because I was with Rachel when all 5 of our kids were born. Watching a child being born is magical and a little bit terrifying,, especially when the nurse hands you the baby for the first time and you realize that this little human being is going home with you for the next several decades. Birthdays are like that. Magical and terrifying. 

   I will be 55 on October 4th and you know what that mans? Free coffee at McDonlads! That doesn’t seem like an adequate reward for surviving for more than a half century, does it? But you’ll be surprised how little that you really need when you are 55 years old. A cup of coffee will be just right. So here is my Happy Birthday wish to my favorite President, Rutherford B Hayes. He would have been 195 years old this year. I will be only 55. If he were here I would take him to McDonalds for coffee.

My treat. 



Doug McAllister